Cerami & Browning Construction can provide the pre-construction services necessary to achieve a construction project that meets the needs and the realistic budget of the client.

  • Estimating
  • Value Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Project Staffing
  • Project Administration
  • Design/Build Construction
  • Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings
  • Pre-Approved School Classroom Facilities

Involving Cerami & Browning Construction early in the design phase of a project will allow the design team to take advantage of our knowledge and experience to accurately determine the most cost effective way to deliver the highest quality project while receiving the greatest value for each construction dollar.

Our contribution can be a major factor in controlling the final cost of the design and length of the schedule.

This cost effective approach allows the design team and client to make intelligent and efficient decisions.

Working as tradesman and transitioning to management has allowed the owners and management staff of Cerami & Browning Construction, Inc. to have the hands on experience required to manage quality control. It also allows them to develop and maintain relationships with qualified craftsmen, subcontractors and material suppliers thus providing reliable access to these resources for all of our building projects.

Cerami & Browning has a pre-approved classroom building that has been designed to compete with the portable. Please Click Here for Floor Plans & Elevation. This design combines the quality and character of a site built project with the speed and efficiency of a portable classroom product.