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Preserving the traditions of craftsmanship.

Cerami & Browning Construction was founded By Joe Cerami and Ray Browning in 1986 as a family owned partnership and incorporated in 1997. Throughout this time, Cerami & Browning have been successfully involved in the construction of commercial and public works projects throughout the north state.

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Shasta Union High School District
Shasta Union High School District

Affordable Permanent Building Program

“From our 30 years of experience designing and modernizing school campuses we know the life-cycle cost benefits of site-built structures make them superior to portable building. A quality site-built structure will last over 60 years, while the ability to modernize every 20 years adds to its long-term value. In contrast, the construction material and configuration of a portable building aggravates maintenance and operation cost, resulting in a building which is in need of disposal after only 20 years of service. Now that a quality site-built structure can be constructed for cost similar to that of a portable building the decision is easy. Site-built is clearly the better option.”
Dan Rossetto - Principal Architect, Nichols, Melburg & Rossetto Architects